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Home News UPDATE: Viral Stripper Plummeting From Pole Breaks Jaw & Fractures Face, Asks...

UPDATE: Viral Stripper Plummeting From Pole Breaks Jaw & Fractures Face, Asks For Medical Help ASAP!

A video of a pole dancer falling from the top of the pole and smacking the floor has gone viral on social media because people seem amused, but unfortunately for the woman falling it’s been no laughing matter. She’s getting surgery to her jaw after the incident! People were confused because she kept dancing after the fall. Apparently, this happened at XTC Cabaret in Dallas, Texas.

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Ladies please be careful. @genea_sky 🙏 (link in bio)

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Genea is raising money for medical expenses after having to undergo jaw surgery without insurance. Her friend’s set up an official Go Fund Me. We hope she gets well soon!

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