The Rise of RealLyfe StreetStarz

RealLyfe Productions out of Dallas, TX was founded by Jeff Oyeneye, Jonathan “Joker” Maduagwu, and Alfred “Rook” Hamilton. RealLyfe Productions is a multi-faceted media company and recording studio, and home of the renowned RealLyfe Street Starz, where they interview a variety of celebrities, business owners, and influencers with a unique and uncensored style. Growing up in North Dallas together and starting out as artists and eventually becoming a staple of underground media in the South.

In the early years, Alfred, Jeff and Jonathan spent time developing their craft and getting plugged into the music scene. They realized that Dallas was not getting the attention and accolades it deserved, and they started doing guerilla style interviews with local artists. Jeff and Alfred brought in their childhood friends Jonathan and Deon and opened RealLyfe Productions, which included their new YouTube channel and a successful audio recording and video studio. After posting hard-hitting interviews on YouTube as RealLyfe Street Starz, they were noticed by huge influencers of Texas. Beginning to have viral hits such as Lil Flip and CJKasino RealLyfe Street Starz freestyles, has had several controversial interviews with street gang members from across the USA. Their popularity and reputation grew, and they were able to work with many Texas and Southern legends, building up to internationally recognized artists and celebrities.


RealLyfe Productions is known for gritty interviews that put the spotlight on underground artists and behind-the-scenes heavyweights, as well as bringing out an unseen side of mainstream celebrities. As a truly independently owned media company, RealLyfe Productions is able to remain uncensored and maintain their raw interview style. Today, RealLyfe Productions has over 65 million views on their YouTube channel and notable RealLyfe Street Starz interviews with Boosie, Mo3, Mark Cuban, DaniLeigh, Dave East, Bill Bellamy, Young Buck, Bay Bay, Hurricane Chris, Lil Flip, and Dababy.


  • I love this real life channel! SHOUT OUT TO JAGUAR WRIGHT!! Thank you for talking about the truth of the dark web and dark coin. You and I would have a great conversation! When it is time I want to invest with you! Clean food and cruelty free artistry is the exciting adventure and future path for humanity! Thank you I’m so grateful you have survived all you’ve endured. You have such a beautiful voice, I’m so thankful for you. GOD BLESS YOU JAGUAR WRIGHT!!!

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  • Truly Inspirational, y’all keep it up !

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